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FAA Seeking $247,500 Civil Penalty Against American Airlines for Shipping Unmarked Oxygen Generator Aboard Fedex

FORT WORTH -- The Federal Aviation
Administration has proposed to assess a
$247,500 civil penalty against American
Airlines for offering an unmarked
oxygen generator to Federal Express for
transportation by air from New York to
Tulsa, Okla., a violation of federal
hazardous material regulations.

A chemical oxygen generator is
classified as hazardous material. The
package containing the generator was
not properly classed, described,
packed, marked, labeled and in
condition for shipment when it was
offered to Federal Express on Aug. 21,
2001. The shipment was carried onboard
a Federal Express flight from JFK
airport in New York City to American's
maintenance and engineering center in
Tulsa, where the violation was
discovered by American personnel. In
addition, American failed to provide
response information and failed to
ensure that each of its hazmat
employees was properly trained.

American Airlines has 30 days from
receipt of the enforcement letter to
respond. Announcement of the civil
penalty is made in accordance with the
FAA's policy of releasing information
to the public on newly issued
enforcement actions involving penalties
of $50,000 or more.


--This story is posted courtesy FAA

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