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August 19, 2001

FAA Proposes $78,500 Fine Against Novel Tees Wholesale

CHICAGO, IL (July 19, 2001) The Federal Aviation Administration
has proposed a civil penalty of $78,500 against Novel Tees
Wholesale, Salt Lake City, Utah, for hazardous materials
violations on a shipment offered for transportation by air on or
about November 6, 2000.

The shipment, consisting of a single, non-specification fiberboard
box, was flown on a regularly scheduled UPS cargo flight from the
Salt Lake City International Airport to the Louisville
International-Standiford Field (Louisville, Kentucky). From
Louisville, the shipment was flown to the UPS sort facility at the
Alpena County Regional Airport, Alpena, Michigan.

UPS personnel in Alpena noticed the package had broken open.
Further inspection revealed it contained 12-5 oz. plastic bottles of
Ronsonol lighter fuel; 12-3 oz. metal aerosol cans of Stylist color
hair spray; 12 Dragon Fire Micro Torches, and 9 novelty lighters.
Each item is classified as hazardous materials under the Federal
Aviation Regulations, and should be labeled FLAMMABLE LIQUID
(Ronsonol), or FLAMMABLE GAS (the hair spray, micro torches
and novelty lighters).

Novel Tees Wholesale did not properly class, describe, package,
mark, label these items for transport by air. It offered hazmat for
transportation without properly describing the material on shipping
papers. Emergency response information was not provided, and
the company failed to ensure each of its hazmat employees was
trained in accordance with the Federal Aviation Regulations.
Special packaging and permission, required for the transport of
cigarette lighters, or items containing ignition elements and
containing fuel, was not obtained.

Novel Tees Wholesale will have 30 days from the receipt of the
Civil Penalty Letter to respond to these allegations.

This announcement of the civil penalty proposal is in accordance
with FAA's policy of releasing information to the public on newly
issued enforcement actions in cases that involve penalties of
$50,000 or more.


--This story is posted courtesy FAA

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