Valujet Hazmat Crash - Cockpit Voice Recorder Transcript

Transcript of Cockpit Tape in ValuJet Crash

Pause and reflect a moment on what these people went through because people didn't do their job with hazmat...

Origionally released By The Associated Press

Transcript released by the National Transportation Safety Board of ValuJet Flight 592 cockpit recordings.

2:04:09: Takeoff.


2:09:02: (Sound of click.)

2:10:03: (Sound of chirp heard on cockpit area microphone channel with simultaneous beep on public address channel.)

2:10:07: Pilot: What was that?

2:10:08: Co-pilot: I don't know.

2:10:15: Pilot: We got some electrical problems.

2:10:17: Co-pilot: Yeah. That battery charger's kickin' in. Ooh, we gotta.

2:10:20: Pilot: We're losing everything.

2:10:21: Tower: Critter five-nine-two, contact Miami center on one-thirty-two-forty-five, so long.

2:10:22: We need, we need to go back to Miami.

2:10:23: (Sounds of shouting from passenger cabin.)

2:10:25: Female voices in cabin: Fire, fire, fire, fire.

2:10:27: Male voice: We're on fire. We're on fire.

2:10:28: (Sounds of tone similar to landing gear warning horn for three seconds.)

2:10:29: Tower: Critter five-ninety-two contact Miami center, one-thirty-two-forty-five.

2:10:30: Pilot: (Unintelligible) to Miami.

2:10:32: Tower: Uh, five-ninety-two needs immediate return to Miami. Critter five-ninety-two, uh, roger, turn left heading two-seven-zero. Descend and maintain seven-thousand.

2:10:36: (Sounds of shouting from passenger cabin subside.)

2:10:39: Tower: Two-seven-zero, seven-thousand, five-ninety-two. What kind of problem are you havin'?

2:10:42: (Sound of horn)

2:10:44: Pilot: Fire.

2:10:46: Cockpit: Uh, smoke in the cockp ... smoke in the cabin.

2:10:47: Tower: Roger.

2:10:49: Pilot: What altitude?

2:10:49: Co-pilot: Seven-thousand.

2:10:52: (Sound similar to cockpit door moving.)

2:10:57: (Sound of six chimes similar to cabin service interphone.)

2:10:58: Flight attendant: OK. We need oxygen. We can't get oxygen back there.

2:11:00: (Sound similar to microphone being keyed only on interphone channel.)

2:11:02: Flight attendant: (Unintelligible) is there a (unintelligible) way we could test them? (Sound of clearing her throat.)

2:11:07: Tower: Critter five-ninety-two, when able to turn left heading two-five-zero. Descend and maintain five-thousand.

2:11:08: (Sound of chimes similar to cabin service interphone.)

2:11:10: (Sounds of shouting from passenger cabin.)

2:11:11: Cockpit: Two-five-zero seven-thousand.

2:11:12: Flight attendant: Completely on fire.

2:11:14: (Sounds of shouting from passenger cabin subside.)

2:11:19: Co-pilot: Outta nine.

2:11:19: (Sound of intermittent horn.)

2:11:21: (Sound similar to loud rushing air).

2:11:38: Cockpit: Critter five-ninety-two, we need the, uh, closest airport available ...

2:11:42: Tower: Critter five-ninety-two, they're going to be standing by for you. You can plan ...

2:11:45: (72-second interruption in recording.)

2:12:57: (Sounds of tone similar to power interruption to recorder, loud rushing air, repeating tones similar to recorder self-test signal starts.

2:12:58: Tower: (Unintelligible) contact Miami approach on, correction, you, you keep on my frequency.

2:13:11: (Interruption on recording.)

2:13:15: (Sounds of repeating tones similar to recorder self-test signal starts and continues, rushing air.)

2:13:25: End of recording.

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